Additional considerations in the sewing process of the sewing machine

In the sewing process, we must ensure that the needle, suture, sewing material specifications to match the three to form the correct stitch. In addition,

1. In the sewing process also consider the twist of the suture, the purpose of suture twist is to increase the strength and elasticity, but if the twist is too large will cause the suture coil and affect the normal formation of the ring, under normal circumstances take 1 meter long Suture line to seize the two Swiss, to move closer to the two strands of the natural twist lap should not be greater than 6, or prone to eye needle fault.

2. In the sewing, such as sewing thinner soft must use fine needle, at the same time should increase the amount of needle back, because the suture and the friction of the sewing material is small, such as pick up the same distance, relative to the upper thread loop width Small, affect the normal hook to take, will have jump needle failure. If it is rough fabric is the opposite. This requires adjustment of the relative position of the hook thread and the needle.

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