Advantages of PTFE coated filter bag

The surface filtration is realized, and the dust emission is almost zero, which meets the strict emission standards of various countries.

Better filter cake drop performance, improved ventilation of dust removal equipment, and reduced pressure drop of dust removal equipment. Extend the service life of the PTFE-coated filter bag, reduce the dust removal cycle and power consumption, and save the maintenance cost of the dust removal equipment. Increase the filtering wind speed of the dust removal equipment, reduce the usage volume and investment cost of the dust removal equipment. Due to the low pressure drop during operation, the power consumption of the dust collection equipment is reduced. The surface of the PTFE coated filter bag is smooth and resistant to chemical corrosion. It covers the surface layer of ordinary filter materials, traps all dust on the surface of the membrane, and realizes surface layer filtration. It has excellent chemical stability, no aging and hydrophobicity, which prolongs the service life of the filter bag.

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