Application of air slide fabric

Air slide Fabrics are air permeable fabrics used in air activated conveyors or bin/silo aerators for the conveyance of dry bulk powders. It is also be called air slide belt, conveyor belt, canvas cloth. Our Air slide Fabric has great performances of tensile strength, air permeability, service life, and heat-resistance.

The introduction of air slide fabric

Fix the air slide belt between material (above) and air-flow box(below),air flow cross the material and make the powder or fluidized under gas pressure,to achieve the purpose of conveying. Air slide fabric

Application of air slide fabric

1. Air slide fabric for cement industry It can be used in cement bulk cement trucks, boats. 应用 2.Air slide fabric for mining It can be used for the conveying of alumina, lime, fly ash, phosphate in mining. 3.Air slide fabric for chemical industry It can be used for the conveying of soda. 4.Air slide fabric for power plant It can be used for the conveying of fly ash, and the desulfurization in chemical industry. 5.Air slide fabric for food industry It can be used for the conveying of flour in food industry. Then we will use the food grade fabric.

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