Bag filter installation steps

1.Flow direction: different from the filter element, the correct flow direction of the filter bag is from inside to outside, that is, the filtered liquid enters the filter bag and passes through the filter material, and the filtered liquid flows out of the filter bag to enter the next step, and the reverse flow will Immediately caused an operational failure.

2.Basket support: The bag filter must be supported by a metal basket. The filter bag cannot be subjected to system pressure alone. If there is no basket or basket installation error, the filter bag will rupture when pressure is applied. Make sure the basket is properly installed in place before installing the filter bag.

3.filter top seal: SDS seal ring can effectively prevent liquid leak detection. The traditional sealing ring can also be used as a substitute, but the sealing effect is not flattering. Improper sealing of the top of the filter does not prevent leak detection and will result in filtration failure. Make sure that the seal ring is properly in close contact with the edge of the filter, otherwise side leakage will occur during the filtration process.


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