Carding and Combing Technology

The so-called “two combs”, narrowly speaking refers to the carding and combing of cotton spinning. In general, it also includes the opening and cleaning of cotton. In fact, the opening and cleaning of cotton should be counted as the preparation before combing, as if it played the role of combing preparation technology, and was equivalent to the similar nature of the front spinning and the back spinning.

Generally speaking, the basic principle of spinning is to gradually improve the fiber orientation process, that is, to loosen the tight and disordered connection of raw materials, to promote the orderly collection of fibers along the axis direction. To accomplish this task, we mainly rely on combing and combing. Opening is to turn cotton blocks into tows, carding is to turn tows into single fibers and has a certain orientation. The main task of combing is to exclude short staple, at the same time to achieve parallel fiber straightening and deepen the degree of completion of orientation along the axis. This function can not be replaced, which can reflect its important position. In the basic spinning process, opening and carding are the leaders. Without the function of the front process, there is no connection of the follow-up process. Combing should be considered as a special process, because without combing, it can still spin. It mainly plays a special role in upgrading the finished products.

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