The so-called colored spun yarn is to first dye the fiber into colored fiber, and then thoroughly mix the fibers of two or more different colors to form a yarn with a unique color mixing effect.

The colored spun yarn can achieve the three-dimensional effect and texture of the enamel which cannot be achieved by the dyeing of the white blank. The colored spun yarn is non-polluting and can also control the chromatic aberration to the utmost extent. Therefore, the colored spun yarn, which is soft and fashionable in color, can cope with the flexible production of small batches and multiple varieties, and is increasingly used in medium and high-end apparel products.

Due to the new technology of “first dyeing and post-spinning”, the color spinning shortens the production process of the downstream processing enterprise and reduces the production cost, and has a high added value.

  1. The colored spun yarn shows a variety of colors on the same yarn, and the color is rich, full and soft. The fabric woven with the colored spun yarn has a three-dimensional effect, the color is subtle, natural and layered.
  2. The dyeing and spinning process of colored spun yarn is more than 50% less than traditional water saving, which meets the requirements of low carbon environmental protection. Producing an ordinary clothes, the colored spun yarn can save 4 kg of water. If all the textiles in China used color spinning in the past year, it would save 50 million tons of water.
  3. The dyeing process of colored spun yarn is unique, with high technical content in fiber dyeing, color matching and multi-fiber blending. The birth of more new fabrics has promoted the geometric growth of clothing and home textile products.

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