Common cleaning method of filter bag

  1. Bag clogging.

When the bag clogging, so that the resistance increased by increasing the differential pressure gauge readings show. Bag bag blockage is the main cause of wear, perforations, loss and other phenomena.

Reason of Blockage bag:

(1) temporarily strengthen cleaning to eliminate clogging of the filter bag;

(2) partial or total replacement of the bag;

(3) to adjust the installation and operating conditions.


  1. The bag being damaged.

Installation method and mechanism of the bag and the bag’s shape determines the location of the bag easily damaged, so you can check and repair. But the main bag breakage caused by the following reasons, such as breakage may occur following table to check.


  1. Bag of aging.

Mainly due to the following causes shall conduct investigation of the reasons to take measures to eliminate and replace the filter bag.

(1) due to abnormal high temperature curing shrinkage;

(2) due to contact with acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor reaction;

(3) react with water properly


  1. Filter cloth should not hang too loose or too tight, too loose easily dust, tight easy to pull bad.


  1. The old bag of new technology should not be mixed, at different times to avoid damage to affect normal operation.


  1. The replacement bag down, first blowing with compressed air, and then check whether the holes have holes repaired left to be replaced. As the dust paste was live bag, rinse with water and left to dry after the replacement.

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