Dust collector bag application in the following occasions

The dust collector bag is currently the ideal dust filter material. It has good ventilation energy, high dust removal efficiency, and certain acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance. Multi-layer brushing is adopted in the weaving process, which improves the thickness of the fabric and is flexible. Therefore, the removal effect is good, and the dust removal rate can reach 99.99%. . The above two products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, cement and environmental dust removal industries.

The dust collector bag can be taken out and washed repeatedly, so it is economical. Each wire is made of a plurality of thinner filaments of the same diameter, and then woven and formed into a certain mesh according to a certain latitude and longitude density. When filtering, for a particle having a diameter larger than the mesh number, the filter cloth can trap it on the surface, and the particles having a diameter smaller than the mesh number pass through the mesh to enter the downstream. Therefore, the mesh filter bag achieves surface filtration, and the smooth surface is also easy to clean.

The dust collector bag is made of PPS needle-punched filter felt. It has complete strength retention and inherent chemical resistance. It can maintain good filtration performance in a harsh environment and achieve the ideal service life. The bag skeleton is mainly used for filtering dust-cleaning type dust collectors such as coal-fired boilers and dust collection treatment of power plant fly ash. Dust bag not only can withstand high temperature, but also has unmatched excellent corrosion resistance of other high temperature resistant fibers. It is widely used in high temperature and harsh working conditions in smelting, chemical, building materials, thermal power, waste incinerators, coal-fired boilers and other industries.

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