Dust collector keel(1)

The dust collector keel is the rib of the filter bag and belongs to the filter component of the dust collector. It should be light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the dust collector bag directly affects the filter state and service life of the filter bag.

Product description:
The skeleton is welded at a time by using a high frequency welder. Use wire or stainless steel wire with sufficient strength and rigidity. Galvanized, sprayed, and coated with silicone. The skeleton treated with silicone technology can completely replace the stainless steel skeleton, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. And each frame can meet the requirements of light weight, smoothness and straightness. The design structure is hard and the service life is long; it can be customized according to customer needs.

1. Outer filter bag
2. External filter
3. External filter type (oval, diamond)
4. Envelope type
5. Multi-section keel (elliptical multi-section keel, round bag type multi-section keel, insert type, chuck type)

1. The dust collector keel adopts a round structure. The longitudinal ribs and the backing ring of the bag cage are evenly distributed, and have sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent damage and deformation. The cold stamping short tube is installed on the top to ensure the vertical of the bag cage and protect the filter bag mouth when it is safe to spray.
2. The taring material of the precipitator is made of 20# carbon steel. It is formed once by the skeleton production line to ensure straightness and twist. It is smooth and burr-free after welding, and has sufficient strength with no desoldering, no desoldering, no soldering and no leakage welding.
3. The blaster keel adopts galvanizing technology, the coating is firm, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which avoids the surface rust and the filter bag sticking after working for a period of time, ensuring smooth bag change and reducing the damage during the bag change process.
4. Using a special equipment to produce a molding once, superior performance.
5. The lower unloading assembly technology, the minimum replacement parts, safer and more convenient.
6. The design structure is strong and reliable, and the service life is longer.
7. Provide oval, star cage and special stainless steel cage.

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