Dust collector keel(2)

Performance influencing factors:
(1) Influence of the size of the dust-removing skeleton: In the geometrical dimensions of the dust-removing skeleton, the diameter of the dust-removing skeleton, the gas inlet, and the shape and size of the exhaust pipe are the most important factors.
(2) The influence of gas parameters on the performance of the dust removal skeleton: including the influence of gas flow rate, the influence of gas dust concentration, the influence of gas moisture content, the influence of gas density, viscosity, pressure and temperature.
(3) The effect of physical properties of dust on the dust-removing skeleton
(4) Influence of the roughness of the inner wall of the dust-removing skeleton: The dust particles concentrated near the wall surface will cause swirling due to the rough surface, so that some dust particles are thrown into the rising airflow and enter the exhaust pipe, which reduces the dust removal efficiency.

Maintenance method:
Whether the dust keel can maintain long-term efficient and stable operation, daily maintenance and maintenance are essential. The operator should remove the principle, performance and use conditions of the dust keel, and master the adjustment and maintenance methods. Pay attention to the collision during transportation and installation, and remove the dust keel. When installing, all the flanges should be connected with the asbestos rope in the middle of the flange, and bolted tightly to prevent air leakage and affect the dust removal efficiency.

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