Dust removal and discharge valve(2)

working principle

  1. The dust removal ash discharge valve is commonly used in the pneumatic output system. For the pressure output system or the negative pressure output system, the dust removal ash discharge valve can uniformly and continuously feed the feed pipe. In order to ensure that the gas and solids in the pneumatic output pipe are relatively stable, the pneumatic conveying can work normally, and at the same time, the upper and lower air pressures of the unloader can be blocked to function as a gas lock. Therefore, the dust removal ash discharge valve is an important component commonly used in pneumatic conveying systems.
  2. When the material of the upper silo is dropped by the self-weight, it is filled in the gap between the blades, and is discharged at the lower portion as the blade rotates. Therefore, the dust removal ash discharge valve can be discharged quantitatively and continuously.
  3. The dust removal ash discharge valve can be used in the collection material system. It is the most advanced unloading device in China and is commonly used as one of the important equipments of the dust removal system in the dust removal system. It is especially suitable for dust, small particle materials, and is highly recommended by engineering projects in environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, grain, cement, road construction, drying equipment and other industrial industries.
  4. Temperature-resistant type The temperature of the material it conveys can reach 280 °C. The bearings at both ends are separated from the impeller, which can prevent the ultra-fine powder from contacting the bearing. The high temperature type unloader delivers materials at temperatures up to 500 ° C and is connected by a sprocket. The reducer has a certain distance from the dust removal and discharge valve body.
  5. The structure of the dust removal ash discharge valve is composed of a rotor impeller with several blades, a casing, a seal, a reducer and an electric motor.

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