Dust removal and discharge valve(4)


The dust removal and discharge valve is divided into three types: ordinary type, pressure type and high temperature type.
Pressure-resistant type: It adopts closed rotor, which can be widely used in suction type, pressure-feeding airflow conveying system and negative pressure conveying equipment. It can ensure that the airflow pressure in the conveying pipe does not leak, and can safely convey and close materials. Therefore, in this respect, it is called a 10,000-lock gas machine. It can not only withstand pressure, but also has a common function.
High temperature resistance type: It depends on the temperature rise of the material conveying and the discharge port because the temperature has an effect on the expansion of the body and is unfavorable to the bearing and oil seal system.
Ordinary type: It can be used on ordinary materials below 80 degrees and normal temperature. It can feed continuously into the feeding pipe continuously, and it can be used as the unloader function in the system and separate dust collecting part.

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