Dust removal and discharge valve(7)

Common malfunctions


  1. During the transportation and installation process, the dust removal ash discharge valve should be kept stable, avoid collision, and even cause deformation and deformation of the casing.
  2. the machine has been filled with lubricating oil No. 0 grease before the factory, the ash discharging valve has been filled with lithium-based grease, and the transmission and bearing components should be replenished or replaced within 6-10 months after being put into use. If the ambient temperature is high, humidity or excessive dust in the air, the oil change time should be shortened appropriately.
  1. In the process of use, if the equipment has air leakage or ash leakage along the axial direction, the material can be firmly pressed.
  2. During the operation process, it is recommended to avoid the overload of the equipment caused by large material particles and strong adhesion, or the equipment jam or motor short circuit caused by the foreign trade in the dust collector, resulting in equipment damage. It is recommended that the user check and install the overload in time. protective device.
  3. This machine is suitable for continuous working system, allowing forward and reverse operation.
  4. When the output shaft of the unloader and the input shaft and other parts are not allowed, it is not allowed to directly and hammer to prevent damage.

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