Dust removal and discharge valve(1)

Dust removal and discharge valve (alias: rigid impeller feeder, star feeder, airlock, rotary feeder, etc.) is the main equipment for dust removal, air supply and other equipment feeding.

The dust removal and discharge valve is suitable for powdery materials and granular materials. It is widely used in environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, building materials, nonferrous metals, food, food and other industrial sectors.


The dust removal ash discharge valve (alias: star discharger) is used to install the discharge port of the dust removal ash discharge valve working under negative pressure, and the upper part receives the material discharged from the discharge device, and relies on the rotating impeller to drive the material. The function is also responsible for the sealing, preventing the air from being sucked from the discharge port during the pneumatic conveying process, and ensuring the normal discharge of the unloader as a special unloading device, which plays a great role in the cleaning and cleaning work. effect. Therefore, it is necessary to summarize some of its characteristics, so that we can better understand and maintain the dust removal ash valve and give it the greatest ability.

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