Eight Elements extend the life of filter bags

  1. Making the appropriate choice of filter dust bag Dust bag filter selection should be based on the temperature of the gas, temperature and chemical characteristics; particle size, weight, shape, whether of pecking and grinding dust concentration, filtration rate, cleaning method, baghouse emission concentration and work system and other factors considered. In general, the selection of pulse jet bag filter needle felt, sub-room cleaning bag filter bag filter or mechanical rapping selection woven.


  1. Reasonable structure design Bag structure should meet its matching bag filtration and cleaning requirements, and is easy to install, reliable seal, the pursuit of appropriate filter area and good filtering state, easy cleaning but try to avoid wear and tear. And associated components with reasonable. Such as synthetic fiber filter bag outside the frame should be loose fit, outside the filter glass fiber filters should work closely with a small vertical spacing ribs framework; inner filter type bag and set the bag should be considered tension.


  1. Superb sewing techniques:

① Advanced technology, sewing size meet the design requirements, according to media types and temperature, heat shrinkage reserve size.

② Equipped, the suture needle distance reasonable, no jumpers, break, sutures meet the requirements.

③ High-quality accessories, with reasonable, no glitches or broken and damaged bag.

④ Entire bag without holes, jump yarn, contamination and other defects, with appropriate packaging, not damaged or wet storage in the way. Fiberglass filter bag should stress, storage period is too long, otherwise it will affect the service life.


  1. The correct method of installation outside the filter type bag installation:

① pocket reliable seal the porous plate and fixed.

② bag hanging vertically below the perforated plate.

③ adjacent bag does not collide with each other.

④ dust bag and with the right framework, dust skeleton straight burr.


  1. The correct use Filter bags in which it is adapted to ensure that working conditions in the operation, such as conditions change should immediately switch to bypass or exhaust to prevent an adverse impact on the life of the filter bag.


  1. Reliable and effective cleaning Bag in use, and to greet dust gray area gradually increased, the pressure rises, it should adopt effective cleaning, isolate dust, so the pressure inside and outside the bag is kept within a set range.


  1. To prevent unexpected exceptions Bag filter running, should prevent sudden abnormal situation, such as a sudden increase in the temperature of the gas, or corrosive gases to enter or gas temperature suddenly reduced to below the dew point, and so on, temperature, humidity, chemical resistance, mechanical wear factors or shocks over the bag and damage tolerance.


  1. Timely maintenance of dust removal equipment Dust bag if it is damaged and should be found to replace the frequently observed baghouse pressure changes, such as cleaning failure should be immediately removed, whether the system is working properly cleaning, dust removal system conditions are subject to change should adjust clearance baghouse ash cycle or work system.

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