Fabric singeing

There are two types of gas singeing and sheet metal singeing, and the running speed of the fabric when singeing is usually 80 to 140 meters per minute.

1 gas singeing: The main part is a long-shaped fire mouth, the combustible gas is ejected from the slit of the fire mouth, and the fabric passes through the flame of the fire mouth in a flat state. Fuel gas, natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline. When using gasoline as a fuel, the gasoline must be atomized and heated to vaporize and then sent to the fire. There are usually 4 to 6 craters that allow the fabric to be multi-fired and double-sided singeed. The gas singeing machine is easy to use and is suitable for fabrics with different thicknesses.

2 metal plate singeing: commonly used is a copper plate singeing machine. It has a small reverberatory furnace equipped with a curved copper plate, which sprays diesel oil into the furnace, and when the copper plate is hot, the fabric is wiped over the surface of the copper plate in a flat state. Coal can also be used as fuel. Another type of cylindrical singeing machine is made of metal into a cylinder and heated in a cylinder. When the singeing is performed, the wear of the metal is relatively uniform due to the continuous rotation of the cylinder. In addition, there is a method of singeing by heating with a hot plate, the temperature is relatively stable and easy to adjust, but the energy consumption is high. The metal plate singeing machine is most suitable for the organization of tight and thick fabrics, and it is difficult to obtain a good singeing effect on a thin or long-satin satin structure fabric.

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