Filter Fabric Media Selection

The most versatile and consistently efficient equipment for liquid-solid separation is the fabric filter. The media used for filtering is the heart of the total system and is a major factor in determining the efficiency of the system and the cost of its operation. Four factors must be considered in proper filter media selection – the fiber, the fabric, the finish, and the method of fabrication. Within these four factors, there are other important limiting considerations:

FIBER SELECTION 1. Resistance to heat
2. Resistance to chemicals
3. Physical properties
2. Clean cloth permeability
3. “Conditioned” cloth permeability
FABRIC FINISHES 1. Dimensional stability
2. Flex and abrasion properties
3. Cake release characteristics
2. Component parts (closures, rivets, tracking, etc.)
3. Seam construction
4. Sewing stitches, tension, needle type and size

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