Food and beverage filtration equipment selection plan

Filtration is an indispensable part of the food and beverage processing process, which directly affects the appearance and taste of the product. The choice of filtration equipment is a subject that manufacturers must study.

First, the reasons affecting the turbidity of food and beverage:

  1. Turbidity caused by solid particles and suspended solids in raw materials
  2. poor water quality conditions, turbidity caused by precipitation of calcium, magnesium, iron and other ions after heating.
  3. Turbidity caused by macromolecular proteins.

Second, the choice of filtering methods

1.coarse filter

Coarse filtration is the first step in a filtration system for food and beverage processing, primarily to remove larger particles and suspended solids. The coarse filter generally uses a bag filter and a nylon mesh bag is used. After coarse filtration, it will still be cloudy and will precipitate after standing. This link is inexpensive and provides protection for subsequent fine filtration. Extend the life of fine filtration equipment.

2.fine filtration

Fine filtration is an important part of the filtration system in food and beverage processing, mainly to remove tiny particles above 0.1 microns. Fine filtration generally uses a microporous membrane core filter and a diatomaceous earth filter. After fine filtration, the product can be clear and transparent, but some products with macromolecular proteins will still have some tiny flocs after standing, which requires a more elaborate filtration process – ultrafiltration.


Ultrafiltration is a complementary part of the filtration system in food and beverage processing, mainly to remove macromolecular particles. RO membrane core filters are generally used. Fine filtration removes 0.0001 micron macromolecular particles. The effect of clarification after clarification is clear, but at the same time, part of the protein nutrition in the product is also removed, and the use cost is also high.

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