Grease filtration solution

Filtration problem: How is the filtration process of pressing rapeseed oil and peanut oil filtered? What impurities are mainly filtered? What filter equipment is suitable for use?

Process flow:

Before coming up with a grease filtration solution, look at the production process of rapeseed oil and peanut oil.

Pressing rapeseed oil refining first-grade edible oil production process: hair oil filtration → alkali refining → water washing → decolorization → deodorization → refined oil.

Pressing rapeseed oil refined secondary edible oil production process: hair oil → filtration → hydration dephosphorization → vacuum drying → refined oil.


Hot pressed peanut oil production process: shelling → steaming → pressing → hair oil → filtration → refined oil.


From the above rapeseed oil press process and peanut oil press process, we can know that a filtration process is needed in the process. This filtration process filters out plant-borne impurities in the edible oil, and fine vegetable-like particles are mixed in the cooking oil during the pressing process. There are many ways to remove impurities from edible oils, including natural precipitation and filter filtration.

Filtration solution:

First, the natural precipitation method: Now in the countryside, farmers have squeezed peanut oil out, because the amount of edible oil is not much. To meet your own consumption, generally do not use filters to filter out impurities in the oil. They often use a precipitation method, and the precipitation time is long, and the large particles will sink to the bottom. People take out the clean oil and finally dispose of the impurities.

Second, the filter filtration method: This is for large-scale edible oil production enterprises, which produce a large amount of edible oil, often calculated in tons. Therefore, using natural sedimentation can not meet the needs of the market. In order to speed up efficiency and quality, filters must be used to treat impurities. There are a variety of options for filter selection, either bag filters or precision filters, or a combination of bag filters and precision filters.

From the point of view of reducing the filtration cost, it is best to choose a filter system consisting of a bag filter and a precision filter. This filtration system combines the effects of pre-filtering and precision filtration, bag filtration

As a pre-filter for cooking oil filtration, the latter precision filter is used for fine filtration, which can solve the problem of cooking oil filtration at one time without separating it multiple times, which can greatly reduce the filtration cost and improve the overall filtration efficiency.

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