How to solve the problem of ash accumulation in the bag dust collector?

The dust hopper of the bag dust collector is arranged in the lower part of the bag room. In addition to storing the collected dust, it is also used as a lower intake manifold. When the dust-containing gas enters the bag room, it enters the hopper first. The airflow speed is reduced, and the direction of the airflow is changed, so that the coarse dust particles are separated here.

There may be excessive dust accumulation in the ash hopper and clogging of the dust. The air inlet of the bag dust removal may be blocked, which causes the resistance of the bag dust collector to increase. The accumulated powder may be too much, and may even submerge the dust removal bag, affecting the dust removal efficiency of the bag dust collector. So, how to solve the problem of dust accumulation in the dust hopper of the bag filter?

  1. Unloading ash is not timely

Solution: shorten the ash unloading interval according to the working conditions, discharge ash once per shift, and discharge ash twice a day. For combustible and explosive dust, the ash should be continuously discharged as production progresses.

  1. Air leakage at the ash discharge port

In the bag dust collector working under negative pressure, when there is air leakage in the dust discharge port of the bag dust collector, the dust is difficult to discharge due to the action of the air flow, and even the dust hopper of the bag dust collector cannot completely discharge the dust; the dust can be smoothly when the fan stops Unload. According to this phenomenon, it can be judged whether the air discharge port is leaking.

Solution: If the ash discharge device with air lock function is not installed, the ash discharge device can be added. If there is an ash discharge device, but the airtightness of the ash discharge port is not good due to poor sealing, measures should be taken to enhance the sealing performance of the ash discharge device.

  1. The ash discharge volume is too small

Due to the unreasonable selection of devices such as bag dust collector ash discharge valve, the ash discharge capacity is too small, or the ash discharge equipment and ash discharge channel are blocked due to dust adhesion, which is the reason for the ash discharge amount.

  1. Dust bridge in the ash bucket

Check the outlet of the ash discharging device or the ash conveying device during the operation of the ash discharging device. If the amount of dust discharged is small or no dust is discharged at all, it is likely that a bridge phenomenon occurs in the ash hopper.

Solution: Install a vibrator (or arch breaker) on the ash bucket wall. Under the condition that the bag filter is easy to condense, the dust is easy to absorb moisture, and the fluidity is poor, each hopper can be equipped with a vibrator (or arch breaker) in each direction. It can also be cleared by air cannons overcoming bridges, knocking or stabs manually, and digging bridges.

  1. Dust adheres or even sticks due to moisture

Dust tends to adhere to the inner surface of the bag dust collector after being damp. When the bag filter is in operation, the fluctuation of temperature will make the dust accumulate thicker and the texture becomes harder. Some dusts (such as garbage incineration smoke, etc.) can even be hardened on the wall surface of the ash hopper of the bag dust collector to form a hard “gully”. This will further hinder the discharge of dust from the bag filter.

Solution: In order to prevent the dust from getting wet and sticking to the inner wall of the bag dust collector box, it is necessary to strengthen the heat preservation and heat tracing measures for the dust hopper of the bag dust collector. For the dust caused by condensation and moisture, and adhesion, the temperature of the bag dust collector box should be appropriately increased to make it higher than the condensation temperature. When this situation has occurred, the ash discharge opening should be cleared in time and the ash accumulation should be cleared, and the wall surface of the bag dust collector box should be kept as smooth as possible.

  1. Unreasonable design of ash bucket

The hopper design of the bag filter is unreasonable. The slope of the ash bucket is too small, and the inner wall is not smooth enough, which affects the fluidity of the dust, which leads to the residual dust in the hopper of the bag dust collector.

Solution: The inclination of the ash bucket should not be less than 55 ~ 60 degrees, and the inner wall should be smooth. Welded arc steel plates at the four corners to eliminate the “dead angle”. A rapper is installed on the wall of the ash bucket. Each hopper is equipped with two electric vibrators. At the same time, each hopper is equipped with a vertical impact surface that can be beaten by a sledgehammer and extends horizontally from the outer edge of the rib reinforcement. Poke on the adjacent side wall of the ash bucket.

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