Instructions for use of the dust collector filter cartridge

1. Check that the filter cartridge is flat when installing and lock it to the proper degree when locking the screw. Avoid deformation of the end cap due to the locking screw being too tight, which affects the service life.

2. After every 48 working hours of the filter cartridge, the filter cartridge is purged from the inside out by the air. Note: Avoid polluting the environment.

3. Do not hit the filter cartridge with a hard object and knock it hard to avoid damaging the surface of the filter cartridge and shorten the life of the filter cartridge. Please note: When there is no knot on the surface of the filter cartridge, it indicates that the air source has a high moisture content. At this time, the filtration effect of the filter cartridge will be significantly reduced. Pay attention to check the moisture content of the air source.

4. When the surface of the filter cartridge is not agglomerated to replace the color of the powder and the filter cartridge needs to be cleaned, the filter cartridge can be placed in clean water (or neutral laundry detergent) for 15 minutes and then cleaned. Sweep several times in a row to make it completely clean. Note: The powder adhered to the filter cartridge must be cleaned during cleaning. Otherwise, the powder will not block the filter hole, which will affect the recovery effect and service life of the filter cartridge.

5. Allow it to dry naturally or in a dry oven to maintain a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius to make it completely dry. Note: When using the drying oven, the temperature should not be too high to damage the filter cartridge.

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