Key points of color spinning carding technology (1)

What should be noticed in pure cotton yarn dyeing is that the temperature and humidity environment should be strictly controlled during the second carding. On the one hand, because of the decrease of fat, glue and sugar in dyed cotton fibers and the increase of short fibers, one of the important manifestations of the decline in spinnability of dyed cotton fibers is the decrease of cohesion between fibers and the difficulty of netting, which requires the increase of relative humidity to enhance cohesion. On the other hand, the increase of relative humidity is disadvantageous to combing and reducing neps. Production practice has proved that the relative humidity of color spinning carding workshop is slightly higher than that of natural color spinning, and the second is to be stable.

When selecting carding equipment and formulating carding process for cotton and chemical fibre blends, carding fibers, realizing fiber mixing and removing a small amount of fine knots and short fibers are the main considerations. Cover card clothing is cotton type with medium density. It can avoid more cover flowers and less damage to fibers while ensuring carding.

Generally speaking, light weight and slow speed are suitable for color spinning production.

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