Key points of color spinning carding technology (1)

The raw material processing mode of colour spinning is different from that of natural colour spinning, and the mixing pretreatment before carding is also different. Therefore, when selecting carding equipment, formulating carding process and controlling ambient temperature and humidity, the technical essentials must be mastered.

For cotton-based varieties, the object of the first carding is the raw cotton that will be faced with the second carding. The selection of equipment and technology should strive for gentle carding, without the use of additional carding elements. The main object of the second carding is the cotton fibers which have been carding and dyed once. Eliminating neps is the key point. The Carding Clothing density should be increased moderately and the close spacer process should be adopted. Because dye additives in dyeing cotton fibers (especially the residual dyeing agents of dark raw materials, which are easy to cure, such as black) tend to produce neps, which are small and compact (because of color differences, although small and harmful defects), it is difficult to comb, neps are difficult to eliminate.

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