Kiln bag filter appear in use problems and solutions

1. Causes Discovered in 2006 when the overhaul has few bags damaged, but by 2007 the amount suddenly increased inspection found damaged more than 50 only, suspect that it was a problem with the quality of the bag or to life, after the bag and contact the manufacturer, and sampled for bag for testing, results showed that the amount of ventilation in addition to other parts of the damaged parts, bursting strength, breaking strength are within range. Also found in almost all parts of the damaged bag 20 ~ 40cm away from the site of the bag mouth, and beginning from the damage of internal wear. The main reason should be determined and related cleaning system. First, a nozzle cleaning system errors, resulting blowback skew; on the other hand is the blowback air pressure is too large. 2 solutions 1) injection system transformation, the transformation of the high cost, long cycle, can not be completed within a period of normal maintenance. After the study decided to increase the jacket in the bag, this approach is simple and easy to operate, relatively low cost. Chinese New Year in 2008 for the repair of damaged vessel and damaged more records bag made of ordinary tin jacket installed. 2) reverse air compressed air pressure control between 0.25 ~ 0.35MPa, can put the bag on the gray can be cleared, such as high pressure affected the life of the bag. ESP can be adjusted by observing the changes in import and export pressure difference, the pressure difference is within the range of control requirements (design pressure <1700Pa). 3) Adjust the injection procedure, the injection pulse width adjustment from 150ms to 250ms, to reduce the blowing of efforts to reduce the wear and tear of the bag. Found in the July 2008 overhaul with favorable results, installed on the jacket of significant wear, bag played a good description of the protective effect. Filter differential pressure is also within the scope of design.

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