Practical use effect of PTFE coated needle felt dust bag

PTFE coated needle felt dust collector bag, which is formed by laminating the PTFE microporous film through a special process of thermal coating, the needle felt and film are smooth, the surface is smooth, the dust is easy to peel, the dust is thoroughly cleaned, and the dust is reduced in the filter bag Possibility of compaction after forming a layer of cloth powder on the surface. The coated filter material not only maintains the high chemical stability, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, and aging resistance inherent in PTFE, but also resists tiny particles, and has unmatched permeability of general coated filter material. , Waterproof and other characteristics. It has the excellent anti-condensation function, especially for the environment with high concentration and high humidity of dust-containing gas, high adhesion dust and high emission requirements.

Using the bag of film dust collector, the dust cannot penetrate into the filter material, but the surface is filtered, whether it is thick or fine dust, all deposited on the surface of the filter material of the filmed polyester needle felt dust collector bag, that is, the filter is retained by the pore size of the film itself, no In the initial filtration period, effective filtration is used from the beginning of use, and filtration takes place nearly 100% of the time.

Membrane needle felt dust collector cloth bag is a new type of post-processing technology that is more advanced than the filter bag after waterproof and oil-repellent treatment. Coating the surface of the filter material not only solves the problems of condensation prevention and paste bag, but also is very large Has improved the filtering effect of the dust collector bag, and now many environmental protection requirements for ultra-low emission filtering occasions generally require the dust collector bag to be coated with a film. In some places with high humidity, the use of a bag with a film dust collector will have a better effect than the bag with a conventional water-repellent and oil-proof dust collector.

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