Precision micropore filtration technology and application(2)

  1. The pore structure of microporous filter medium belongs to honeycomb structure, and the liquid flow in the interior belongs to three-dimensional flow. Under the same thickness and the same plugging condition, the resistance increases slowly. However, the pore structure of the filter cloth belongs to the parallel tube bundle type, the inner part belongs to one-dimensional flow, and the resistance increases rapidly.


  1. 0.6MPa compressed gas can be used for rapid back blowing of slag and gas-liquid mixture of the same pressure for regeneration. The separation of filter slag is complete, the slag is discharged quickly, the regeneration effect is good, and the method is simple. This is the most significant advantage of this technology, which can not be achieved by any other filtration technology (filter cloth, filter felt, microporous membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, sintered metal and sintered ceramics).


  1. Excellent chemical corrosion resistance: no matter what kind of acid, alkali or salt, all kinds of solvents below 70 ℃ have no effect on the microporous filter medium; the medium itself is odorless, tasteless, and free of any foreign matter dissolving or falling off, which can be applied to the filtration of medicine, food and any industrial sector, while the sintered metal, sintered ceramics and other precision filter media cannot have this performance.

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