Second, what role does the pre-filter have?

1,Solve the secondary pollution problem of pipelines and protect downstream water equipment

Due to the long-term use, the urban water supply pipeline has become very old. There are many impurities such as rust and sediment inside the pipeline. Because the pipeline is very long, the water source flowing through it will definitely be polluted. The filtration accuracy of the pre-filter is 5 -100μm, can be filtered to the impurities seen by the naked eye, such as sediment, rust, etc., to make the tap water back to the factory state, can protect other water equipment in the home.

2, inhibit scale, prevent corrosion, soften water, no energy consumption

As a large killer of water pipes and containers, scale should be familiar to most consumers. The scale problem is also a problem that must be solved. The scale components are mainly calcium and magnesium, water heaters, water heaters and other appliances that need to heat water. The scale is especially serious, and the pre-filter can prevent the combination of calcium and magnesium ions and carbonate ions, prevent the scale from forming, and form a nano-scale protective film on the inner wall of the storage tank to repair the corrosion of the inner wall of the pipeline and the container. The role.

3, can be used as a pre-processor for the water purifier

The pretreatment device commonly used in general water purifiers uses PP cotton (made of polyester fiber, which can filter impurities in tap water, widely used in clothing, spray cotton and water purification equipment). It needs to be replaced frequently, and there is no backwash function. So it is replaced by a pre-filter.

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