Fourth, the purchase of pre-filter


1, according to the working principle to buy


According to the working principle, the backwashing filter has an absolute advantage. It is the most suitable pre-filter for household use. When choosing, try to choose backwashing.

2, according to the filter accuracy to buy


Filtration accuracy refers to the aperture of the filter. In theory, the higher the accuracy, the better. The common accuracy on the market is 30-50μm. Try to choose high precision or small value. If the accuracy is greater than 100μm, the filter effect is worse. Try not to choose.

3, according to the rated flow to buy


The rated flow rate is the amount of water that can be filtered by the filter per hour. At present, the rated flow rate of most products on the market is about 3 tons/hour. Generally, the conventional household use can satisfy the daily use if it is more than 1 ton/hour, if the family Households with more or more water can choose a large flow of products.

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