Processing principle of needled nonwoven fabric

The production of non-woven fabric by needling is completely through a kind of mechanical action, that is, the needling effect of needling machine, which can strengthen and hold the fluffy fiber mesh to obtain strength.

The basic principle is:

The barber with barb on the edge of triangle section (or other section) is used to puncture the fiber mesh repeatedly. When the barb passes through the web, the fibers on the web surface and local inner layer are forced into the web. Due to the friction between the fibers, the original fluffy web is compressed. When the needle exits the web, the inserted fiber bundle breaks away from the barb and remains in the web. In this way, many fiber bundles entangle the web so that it can no longer return to its original fluffy state. After many times of needling, quite a lot of fiber bundles are punctured into the web, which makes the fibers in the web entangle with each other, thus forming needled nonwovens with certain strength and thickness.

Needled nonwovens include pre needling, main needling, pattern needling, ring needling and tube needling, etc.

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