Production of Airlaid Paper

Chemical bonding:

The chemical bonding method uses 100% wood pulp fiber as the raw material, opens the fiber in the state of single fiber to flow into the network through air, sprays the water-soluble adhesive to the surface of the network by spraying method, and then bakes and strengthens it to form the cloth. The main uses of the product are industrial wipes, women’s sanitary products, baby wipes, tablecloths, wet face towels and cooking cloth, etc.


Hot bonding:

The hot bonding method is to mix the hot-melt fiber in the wood pulp fiber, the mixing proportion is generally not less than 15%. After the air flow into the network, the low melting point fiber in the network is melted by hot air or hot rolling, and the network is consolidated into the cloth. Because there is no chemical adhesive in the hot bonded nonwovens, the products are more fluffy and hygroscopic, which are mainly used as absorbent core of high absorbent sanitary products and thin sanitary napkins for women. Based on this purpose, some production lines are equipped with a high absorption resin (SAP) powder application device. Because of the addition of high molecular absorbent resin, water can be turned into solid after absorbing water, which greatly improves its water absorption capacity.


To sum up, although dust-free paper is called paper, it is essentially nonwoven.

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