Proposal for correct installation of dust bag

The correct installation of the dust collector bag is very important to improve the life of the dust collector bag. The following are the recommended steps for installing the dust collector filter bag in the dust collector with the blowing pipe removed:

The installation of the filter bag should be performed after all the installation work of the dust collector is completed (including heat preservation and anticorrosion work). First remove the blowing pipe and then install the filter bag. When handling and storing the filter bag, pay attention to prevent the filter bag from contacting and colliding with surrounding hard objects and pointed objects. Do not step on it and press it hard to avoid damage.

  1. Dust removal filter bag Filter bag should be stored away from fire source, moisture-proof, avoid direct sunlight and strong light, and prevent heavy objects from being squeezed. Check each filter bag before installation to prevent mechanical damage.
  2. Dust removal filter bag installers should dress smartly, and should not carry cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other objects to avoid falling into the filter bag. If debris has fallen into the filter bag, remove it. Do not wear shoes with nails or hard soles for installation.
  3. Environmental requirements for the installation of the dust removal filter bag: The lighting at the installation site is sufficient, and the site is not allowed to store instruments and sundries that are not related to the installation.
  4. Dust removal filter bag During the installation process of the filter bag, smoking is strictly prohibited. Welding and cutting work in any form and in any part is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to use lighters, matches, etc. for lighting when power is off. To avoid missing the filter bag and damaging the filter bag.
  5. Dust filter bag installation filter bag requirements: It is recommended that two people install it, one person folds the cloth bag vertically into the hole of the flower plate, and the other person grabs and opens the rolled filter bag. The cage frame should be aligned and placed gently, and it should be vertical during installation.
  6. Installation inspection of dust removal filter bag: After each filter bag is installed, check whether the joint is sealed and the sealing position is correct. Check whether it is vertical from the ash bucket. If it is found that the bottom of the filter bag touches or is incorrect, make a record and straighten it under the guidance of a person in time.
  7. After the dust filter bag is installed, the flower plate should be gradually covered with canvas to prevent foreign matter from falling into the filter bag. When installing the spray pipe, cover the flower plate with canvas to prevent damage to the filter bag.
  8. Special attention should be paid to the installation of the dust removal filter bag: the five parts of the blowing pipe hole, the venturi nozzle, the filter bag frame, the dust collector bag, and the flower plate must be consistent, and the deviation is less than 2mm.

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