Pulse dust collector accessories (pulse controller)

The pulse controller is the main control device for spraying dust from the pulse bag filter. Its output signal controls the electromagnetic pulse valve to cyclically clean the filter bag to ensure the processing capacity and dust collection efficiency of the dust collector.

The pulse interval, pulse width, number of output channels and period interval of the pulse controller can be adjusted. The data can be displayed with a digital tube, and the number of output channels can be adjusted according to requirements.

Pulse width: The pulse dust collector accessory (pulse controller) outputs a signal duration, called the pulse width, which can be adjusted within the range of 0.03-0.2s.

Pulse interval: The interval time between outputting two signals is called pulse interval, which can be adjusted in the range of 1-30s.

Pulse period: the time required for the output electrical signal to complete a cycle. The personal pulse period is adjustable within the range of 11-30min.

The controller can adjust the pulse interval and pulse width according to the cleaning requirements, and implement regular cleaning on the dust collector. The pulse controller is a pulse cleaning signal generator that sends out a pulse signal, controls a pneumatic valve or a solenoid valve, and makes the pulse valve spray cleaning.

Pulse controller can be divided into pneumatic pulse controller and electric pulse controller. Pneumatic pulse controller uses clean compressed air as its energy source, and outputs pneumatic pulse signals. It is used with pneumatic valves and pulse valves. The electric pulse controller uses an AC 220V power source as an energy source to output electric pulse signals. The electromagnetic valve, pulse valve or electromagnetic pulse valve is used in conjunction with it. All technical parameters are displayed on the pulse controller. An electric pulse controller is commonly used in engineering.

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