Several typical impurity characteristics and solutions in chemical industry

Soft particles

Many of the basic ingredients in fine chemicals are organics, such as dispersions in coatings, which are associated with the risk of polymer coagulation in production, transportation and storage. The production of these impurities will greatly affect the weight of the product.

This soft impurity is deformable and can be deformed when it encounters a void. The most selective choice for such impurity capture is the use of a labyrinth-type depth filter material that retains such impurities by multiple barriers and concerns of the filter material. The felt-type material in the filter bag, the melt-blown product in the filter element and the two-component material belong to this category.

Hard particle

The color masterbatch, kaolin and other components in the paint are fine particles with a certain hardness, and the special products such as metal paints which are known as anti-wear and eye-catching are more rigid.

The particle size of each component must be controlled within a certain range, and a filtration product is required to ensure removal of unacceptable large impurities. At the same time, however, the fine particle composition cannot be removed a lot.

The hard particles are driven by pressure and have strong penetrability. The stability of the precision in the material becomes a very important factor. Therefore, for the filtration of this type of product, it is necessary to use a stable material.

Filtration treatment of high suspension

In typical processes such as decolorization of activated carbon in chemical products, the amount of solid particles that need to be removed in the suspension is present in a few percent ratio. For ordinary filter elements, due to the low impurity load capacity, it is not possible to directly meet the needs of mass re-production. In this case, some mechanical filtration equipment such as a vibrating screen, a disc type gap filter, etc. are generally used for pre-filtration, and then high-precision filtration products are used for terminal filtration.

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