Spunlace Composite Technology

The research and development of spunlace composite technology not only overcomes the limitations of some nonwovens, increases the variety of designs, greatly widens the application field of spunlace nonwovens, but also promotes the development and improvement of spunlace technology and even the whole Nonwovens Technology.

(1) The composite technology of air flow of spunlace and wood pulp. As the price of wood pulp is much cheaper than the staple fiber commonly used in spunlace method, and the moisture absorption and hand feel of fluff pulp are very good, the products made of wood pulp are cheaper than all the products made of fiber, and they are competitive in price, but they have high requirements for filtration system in technology. The product can be used as cleaning cloth (70% g / m2), diaper and sanitary napkin inner core material.

(2) spunlace and filament spinning viscose web composite technology. The composite product of this method has the advantages of both spunbond nonwovens’ stronger strength and better absorption performance of short fiber, and is even and soft compared with spunbond nonwovens. It has the function of absorbing water and oil, and has high strength. It can be used as food wrapping cloth, decorative cloth and cleaning cloth.

(3) composite technology of spunlace and wet forming net. The strength and softness of wet spunlaced nonwovens are equal to or even more than that of traditional dry spunlaced nonwovens. Moreover, wet spunlaced nonwovens do not lose the lint. Its thread tensile strength is twice that of dry spunlaced nonwovens, especially in the field of clothing.

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