Steps for changing the filter bag

  1. First remove the dust-removing skeleton bag and remove the dust bag attached to the dust-removing frame with a knife or other tools.
  2. Multi-section dust-removing skeleton structure, the dust-removing skeleton can be cut off at the joint to remove the dust-removing skeleton, and the dust-removing cloth bag is removed after moving to the open space.
  3. In the installation of the dust bag, it is necessary to ensure that the size of the dust bag is the same as the installation size. The imperfect processing of the bag filter is also a problem that the dust bag is easy to cause. After the dust bag is installed, the mouth of the dust bag is tightly sealed, and the hand is difficult to rotate.
  4. The mouth of the dust bag is completely bounced, and there is no margin after installation.
  5. The dust-removing bag with the clamp cap structure should be fastened to prevent falling or leaking.

During the bag changing process, most of the bags will be corroded, aged, stiffened, and shrunk due to excessive use time. In the process of manual bag changing, because the collected dust is too fine, the specific operator should wear a dust mask to protect, wear goggles and hood, and ensure that the dust removal bag is removed.

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