Technical scheme of color spinning carding (1)

According to the characteristics of different fiber materials, what kind of carding technology should be adopted in color spinning? Obviously, it is impossible to simply apply the general equipment and process selection rules of natural color spinning cotton or chemical fibers.

Taking three kinds of typical color spinning products as examples, this paper analyses: (1) pure cotton or pure cotton products; (2) polyester-cotton blended products; (3) viscose or viscose-cotton blended products.


  1. Pure cotton or cotton-based products

For pure cotton or pure cotton products, this paper mainly discusses the types of products with large proportion of colored fibers in raw materials.

The main raw material (cotton fiber) in the production process of this kind of product is to be combed twice. The first carding object is mainly raw cotton which has not been dyed. After carding, it is generally called cotton web (torn sliver); after dyeing, cotton web is carding for the second time.

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