The processing procedure of needled nonwoven fabric

It is made of polyester and polypropylene. It is mainly needled after rough combing, combing, pre needling. After heat setting and singeing, the filter cloth with three-dimensional structure is treated with chemical oil agent on the surface, so that the surface of the filter cloth is smooth and the micropores are evenly distributed. From the surface, the density of the product is good, the surface of both sides is bright and clean, and the air permeability is good. It is proved that the filter can use high-strength pressure, and the filter precision is up to 4 microns. Two kinds of raw materials, polypropylene and polyester, can be provided according to the needs of users. It has been proved that the performance of non-woven filter cloth is better when it is pressed by plate and frame, such as slime treatment in coal preparation plant, wastewater treatment in iron and steel plant, wastewater treatment in brewery and printing and dyeing plant. If the filter cloth of other specifications is used, the filter cake will not dry, and it is difficult to fall off. After the non-woven filter cloth is used, the filter cake will be quite dry when the filter pressure reaches 10kg-12kg, and the filter cake will fall off automatically when the filter frame is opened. When choosing non-woven filter cloth, users mainly consider the non-woven filter cloth of different thickness and quality according to the air permeability, filtering accuracy, elongation, etc. product parameters please point to polyester needle felt and polypropylene needle felt, specifications and varieties can be formulated.

The needle punched non-woven fabric series products are formed by fine carding, precise needle punching for many times or proper hot rolling treatment. Based on the introduction of two high-precision needling production lines at home and abroad, high-quality fibers are selected. Through the cooperation of different production processes and different materials, hundreds of different products are currently in circulation on the market, including: geotextile, geomembrane, halberd flannel, speaker blanket, electric blanket cotton, embroidery cotton, clothing cotton, Christmas crafts, human leather base cloth, filter material special cloth.

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