The reason why the pulse bag filter discharge exceeds the standard

(1) The newly installed dust collector bag of the pulse bag filter has a large aperture. At the beginning of use, the dust passing rate is high, and the filtration state has not yet been reached, and the dust emission is large. As the filtration proceeds, dust forms on the outer surface of the filter bag to form a dust layer, and the pores on the outer surface of the filter bag become smaller, and the dust removal efficiency is improved. The role of “dust filter dust” can remove more than 99% of fine dust. Therefore, it is more accurate to measure the dust removal efficiency of the pulse bag type dust collector after one month of continuous use.

(2) Check if the installation of the dust collector bag is correct. In the conventional pulse bag type dust remover, the filter bag is pressed into the hole of the flower plate by the elastic expansion ring which is sewn to the mouth of the filter bag, and the dust chamber of the middle case is strictly distinguished from the air box of the upper case by the flower plate. If the elastic expansion ring of the filter bag mouth is not completely in close contact with the flower plate hole, a gap will occur, which will cause the dusty airflow to directly enter the clean air chamber, and the exhaust pipe outlet will be ash. You can check the installation of the dust filter bag one by one, and find that the gap is tightly sealed. In the installation process of the pulse bag type dust collector, the installation quality of the filter bag is one of the focuses of supervision and inspection.
(3) If the dust bag is damaged, the dusty airflow will be directly discharged, and the outlet of the exhaust pipe after the dust collector will be ash. For large pulse bag type dust remover for offline cleaning, the following method can be used to determine the position of the broken bag. Use manual operation to clean the hoppers one by one, and close the outlet valve of one chamber at a time. Pay attention to the outlet of the exhaust cylinder. When the chamber with broken bags stops filtering, the outlet of the exhaust cylinder will no longer be ash. If only a few filter bags are damaged, seal the plate holes with an iron cover to ensure that the dust concentration is up to standard. When it is necessary to replace the filter bag, it is recommended that all the dust bag of the same dust collector be replaced at the same time to ensure that each filter bag has the same resistance. If only a few filter bags can be replaced, the bag mouth of the new filter bag should be closed and buried in the dust ash for a few days to increase the resistance of the new filter bag, so that the resistance of the new filter bag is close to the old filter bag.
(4) For dust collectors where only the air inlet and outlet channels are separated by a partition, it is necessary to check whether the intermediate partition is welded tightly. If there is a weld or a gap in the intermediate partition, the high concentration of dust in the incoming air will break into the air passage, causing the outlet of the exhaust cylinder to be ash.

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