Two main factors influencing the dust removal effect of bag filter

In the dust removal system, the purification mechanism of the bag dust collector is: the dust-containing airflow passes through the filter material that adsorbs the dust, and the dust particles are separated from the gas through the screening effect, inertia effect, interception effect, diffusion effect, gravity sedimentation effect, electrostatic effect , So as to achieve the purpose of purifying dust. There are two main factors that affect the dust removal effect of the bag dust collector:

  1. Filter material structure and dust layer thickness

The filter of the bag filter mainly depends on the upper layer of the filter material. The filter material only plays the role of forming the primary layer of dust and supports the framework of the dust removal, so it cannot be excessively cleaned, otherwise it will cause a reduction in dust removal efficiency, and control the cleaning to maintain the initial dust In order to get a higher dust removal efficiency.

  1. Filtration speed

The effect of the filtration speed on the efficiency of the bag filter is different due to different filter materials, filtration methods and dust particle size. For fine dust, the filtration speed should be smaller; for coarse dust, the filtration speed should be larger. For internal filter dust removal cloth bags, high-speed filtration is not easy to perforate. Filtration is carried out inside the felt. The dust content in the felt is large, and the dust removal efficiency can still be ensured after cleaning. Therefore, the inner filter cloth bag can use a higher filter wind speed.

The fan is the power source of the entire dust removal system, and is the premise guarantee for the normal operation of the dust removal system. Determine the air volume and resistance of the dust removal system according to the air volume required by the dust removal system to clean the dust suction point, the type of dust collector, and select the fan with the appropriate air volume and full pressure, so that the resistance curve of the dust removal system pipe network and the performance of the fan. The intersection point of the curve is at the optimal working condition of the fan performance curve to ensure that the fan runs efficiently and smoothly to provide the system with sufficient air volume.

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