What are the qualities of the standard dust collector skeleton?

At present, the environmental protection department attaches great importance to the quality of environmental sanitary air, and any unit or individual must do this work well. However, this work is relatively long. It is not good at one and a half moments, and it will be beneficial to us only if we continue to do it for a long time.


  1. The framework of the dust collector requires that the support ring and longitudinal bars are evenly distributed, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity;


  1. All welding of the dust collector frame must be of a high standard and high precision, and the welding points should be firmly welded, and no welding is allowed. Virtual welding and missing welding;


  1. The surface of the dust collector frame that is in contact with the dust must be smooth and smooth, and no welding scars are allowed. Uneven bumps and burrs;


  1. The spring-loaded skeleton must have enough turns and elasticity, and the spacing should be even after being pulled apart;


  1. The surface treatment of the dust collector framework according to different needs must meet technical standards to meet the requirements of temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.


  1. The size of the dust collector frame must be standard, and the verticality is 6M plus or minus 1mm.


  1. The framework design of the dust collector must be reasonable and practical. According to the current requirements, it has a whole, two, or three sections.


  1. The dust collector frame length is more than 3 meters, wearing a steel once-formed style tube.


  1. The dust collector skeleton production is fully automated to prevent damage to the product during the production process.


  1. The skeleton of the dust collector is tracked from raw material processing to on-site installation to ensure the quality of each link.


The quality of the dust collector skeleton is related to the efficiency of the dust removal work. We must do our best in production and production, and we are also responsible for ourselves. Applying good quality, we can completely remove pollution during work. Protect the environment and improve air quality.

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