What happens when the dust collector bag is flammable?

High temperature dust collector cloth bag

(1) Mars burning through the dust bag
In addition to high temperature combustion, the dust bag in the Martian flue has also been severely damaged. The dust collector cloth bag is a dry dust collector, which is a dust removal device that uses a bag filter element made of fiber braid to trap solid particles in dust-containing gas. The principle of action is that the dust particles are intercepted due to the inertial force colliding with the fibers when they are wound around the filter cloth fibers. Such as coke ovens, drying kilns, chain furnaces, dust collectors, electric furnaces, blast furnaces, mixed iron furnaces, etc., during the production process, a large number of Mars will be mixed into the flue gas, such as Mars can not be processed in time, especially when the surface of the dust collector bag When the dust layer is thin, Mars will burn through the dust bag, forming an irregular hole. However, when the dust layer on the surface of the dust bag is very thick, Mars will not directly burn the dust bag, but will cause a dark baking trace on the surface of the dust bag.

(2) High temperature shrinkage dust bag
Another kind of damage caused by high temperature flue gas to the dust collector bag is high temperature shrinkage. Although the use temperature of each filter material is different, when the flue gas temperature exceeds its use temperature, when the warp shrinkage rate is too large, the size of the dust bag is The length will become smaller, and the bottom of the dust bag will grip the skeleton and be damaged by force. If the zonal heat shrinkage of the dust collector bag is too large, the radial size of the dust collector bag will be reduced, and the dust collector bag will be tightly clamped on the skeleton, and it cannot even be extracted from the skeleton. Therefore, the dust bag is always in a state of stress, resulting in shrinkage, hardening and brittleness of the dust bag, which accelerates the loss of filter bag strength and reduces the service life of the filter bag. Since the bag of the dust collector will be tightly wound on the skeleton after deformation, the bag of the dust collector is difficult to deform during the cleaning process, which is not conducive to spraying the cleaning dust, resulting in high resistance of the bag.

(3) Dust collector bag after dust storage and combustion
High-temperature dust is collected in the ash hopper. If it is not discharged in time, the dust will accumulate in the hopper for a long time, causing the temperature in the hopper to continue to rise. The dust bag becomes brittle and hard under high temperature baking for a long time. Burning, especially flammable substances in the dust. The equipment of the dust collector to separate the dust from the flue gas. The performance of the dust collector is expressed by the amount of gas that can be processed, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust collector, and the dust removal efficiency. It burned in the ash bucket, burning the dust bag. Ash hopper dust regenerative combustion bag explosion With the popularity of bag dust collectors, the dust explosion accidents of bag dust collectors are also on the rise.

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