What should be done if the pressure difference of the bag filter is too large, the dust removal efficiency is low, and the discharge concentration does not meet the standard?

Bag-type dust collector is the main dust-removing equipment in the production operation and plays a very important environmental protection role. Therefore, in daily production work, the pulse bag dust collector should be maintained from time to time to avoid problems.

  1. The filter bag of the bag filter is damaged

The service life of the filter bag of the bag filter is limited. After using for a period of time, the dust will wear the filter bag of the bag filter, and the “needle” holes appear in the bag. When the concentration of the discharged gas dust is increased, and the air flow containing more dust passes through the fan at high speed, it will cause significant wear on the fan casing and the impeller. Check the damage of the filter bag of the bag filter on a regular basis. If only the filter bag of the bag filter is damaged, seal the hole of the flower plate with an iron cover to ensure that the discharged dust concentration meets the standard.

  1. Air leakage from bag filter

It is difficult to spot the air leak with the naked eye. During the inspection, the bag-type dust collector exhaust fan needs to be turned on, and the bag-type dust collector air door should be closed. If you can hear the sound of “cici” to prove that the place is an air leakage point, you can find the air leakage point and weld it. The aging jointed flexible hose between the ventilation tube, the directional valve and the promotion valve should be replaced in time to prevent aging damage and leakage.

  1. The filtering wind speed is too high

The dust filtration concentration is too high, and the filtration air velocity of the filter bag is also high at this time, resulting in a high pressure difference of the filter bag. The dust removal load of the bag filter and the filtering air speed of the filter material should be appropriately reduced, that is, the filtering area is increased and the filtering air speed of the filter material is reduced.

  1. Improper parameter setting

If the bag-type dust collector has a poor cleaning effect and a large pressure difference, it will cause the filter bag’s opening to be reduced, and the dust accumulation on the filter bag will be too thick. Such problems should reset the relevant parameters of the pulse injection system.

  1. The temperature of dusty gas is too high

The dust-containing gas of the pulse bag dust collector is too high, and the heat insulation measures taken by the dust removal system will cause the temperature difference between the dust in the dust collector pipe and the external environment to be large, and water vapor and condensation will occur during the heat exchange process. Increased the humidity of the dust, so heat preservation measures should be taken.

  1. The material of the filter bag is not suitable

The filter bag material of the pulse bag dust collector does not match the dust in the gas, which may cause part of the air holes to be blocked. Therefore, a reasonable dust filter bag should be selected according to the characteristics of the dust removal gas.

  1. The concentration of dusty gas is too high

If the concentration of the dust-containing gas treated is too high, the filter wind speed of the dust collector will be high, resulting in the phenomenon of excessive pressure difference. The dust removal load and filtering air speed of the pulse bag filter should be appropriately reduced.

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