Winding is the first process of preparation before weaving. Its task is to process the yarn from the spinning department or the skein on the winding machine into a tube that meets the requirements.



(1) Increase the yarn volume of yarn winding and increase the productivity of subsequent processes.

(2) Check yarn diameter, remove yarn defects and impurities, improve yarn quality.


Quality standards:

The quality of winding directly affects the later process. Therefore, the following requirements are put forward for winding process:

(1) Cylinder winding capacity should be large in order to improve the production efficiency of the subsequent process. Cylinder winding should be firm and firm in order to facilitate storage and transportation:

(2) A certain yarn tension should be maintained in the winding process to ensure good tube formation.

(3) It is necessary to facilitate the unwinding of the cylinder in the later process and prevent the winding of the broken end on the unwinding.

(4) The knot of yarn on the cylinder should be small and firm.

(5) It does not damage the original physical and mechanical properties of the yarn.

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