Boiler bag filter

The dust collector plate uses a numerically controlled punching method to process the flower plate holes. The cell plate can be used as an inspection platform for filter bags. The well-designed dust collector upper box spray pipe flower plate body structure for the workers to use the flower plate as the filter bag assembly platform as a platform for the maintenance of the dust collector to create conditions.

The filter bag and keel have sufficient flexibility and strength to avoid brittle fracture and deformation during use. The bag cage is made of assembly line. It is round (diameter ≥Φ4, reinforced Φ5), and the top is equipped with “η”-shaped cold-punching short tube to ensure the verticality of the bag cage and the safety of the filter bag mouth during spraying. The bag cage adopts hot-dip galvanizing technology, and the plating layer is firm and corrosion-resistant. It avoids the corrosion of the cage bone surface and the filter bag after the dust collector works for a period of time, which ensures the smooth change of the bag and reduces the damage to the bag during the bag changing process.

Easy to overhaul, the dust collector uses a top open door to take the bag. The filter bag is easy to replace and clean. The dust collector adopts a sticky top cover, and is provided with a pulse valve rainproof box, a drainage facility, and an overhaul escalator platform.

All welds in air bags and compressed air systems are factory inspected to ensure that there are no blisters, no undercuts or no penetration.

The text tube is an important part of the pressure wave, using aluminum alloy or better material. The use of the literary tube can ensure that the compressed airflow is accurately guided during the cleaning process of the equipment and the secondary airflow led by the high-speed airflow is flushed into the bag at a subsonic speed to radially deform the bag and enhance the cleaning effect.

The cleaning method is automatic. The dust collector control system adopts PLC programmable controller, which can automatically control all the equipment of the dust removal system and communicate with other PLCs.

Pulse pulse cleaning automatic control adopts differential pressure and timing control methods to select at the console. The dust collector is equipped with instruments such as differential pressure switch, compressed air oil water separator and pressure regulator. The dust collector can send sound and light alarm signals on the main control cabinet analog screen. The dust removal system can be controlled via the operator station or remotely.

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