Filter application industry analysis

1) Sewage treatment industry

  1. Industrial sludge: gravity platform, multi-roll filter press, drum pre-drying machine
  2. Municipal sludge: gravity platform, multi-roll filter press
  3. river sea sinking mud: multi-roll filter press


2) Phosphoric acid, citric acid, boric acid and other chemical industries

Horizontal vacuum belt filter, rotary machine


3) Flue gas desulfurization

Horizontal vacuum belt filter


4) Mining / Metallurgy

Horizontal vacuum belt filter

Vertical filter

Plate and frame filter


5) Pulp and paper

A, sputum washing: drum filter, horizontal belt filter

B, bleaching and washing: drum washing machine, disc filter

C, thickening: drum filter, disc filter, double mesh with pressure filter

D, wet line: double mesh with pressure filter, gravity filter press

E, sludge: multi-roll filter press gravity platform

F, bleaching: double mesh with pressure filter, disc filter


6) Potassium salt and caustic soda

Horizontal vacuum belt filter – potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, sodium benzoate, etc.


7) Food and Beverage

A, white wine: multi-roll filter press

B, beverage: multi-roll filter press

C, starch: horizontal vacuum belt filter, drum filter

D, vegetable oil: horizontal vacuum belt filter

E, pectin / protein: drum filter, multi-roll filter press


Here we are just a description of the simple, basic filter, filter cloth and various industries. The filter technology seems to be simple, but it is not. Any one parameter, a condition change, will make you feel that you can’t find a suitable solution. We know that there are many types of filter machines currently used in various industries, and the number is huge. Different filters have different performances, but they can only be displayed if they are equipped with suitable filter cloth. Different industries have different filter applications. In the same industry, there are also different filter applications. Why? Because all of this depends on the filter cloth, the characteristics of the filter cloth give the filter more applications. Textile experts say that filter cloth is the world’s highest textile technology. Therefore, it is even more necessary for our engineers and technicians to have certain filter cloth knowledge when selecting filter cloth, and to have clear and accurate decisions.

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