Needle punched nonwoven

Needled nonwoven fabric belongs to a kind of nonwoven fabric. It is to loosen, comb and lay short fibers into a fiber net, and then reinforce the fiber net into a fabric through a bayonet. The bayonet has a hook and thorn, and the fiber net is repeatedly punctured, and the hook belt fiber is reinforced to form needled nonwoven fabric. The nonwoven fabric is not divided into warp and weft, and the fabric fibers are disordered, with little difference in warp and weft performance. According to different processes and materials, hundreds of products can be made, which can be used in all walks of life, and various specifications can be customized according to different purposes.


Difference between needled and spunlaced nonwovens:

Needled nonwovens and spunlaced nonwovens belong to nonwovens (also called nonwovens), which are two kinds of Nonwovens in dry process / mechanical reinforcement. As the name implies, the biggest difference in technology between the two is that one is mechanical needle reinforcement and the other is mechanical high-pressure water needle reinforcement. The difference in technology directly makes the functional application of the finished product different.

The gram weight of needled nonwovens is generally higher than that of spunlaced nonwovens. Raw materials of spunlaced nonwovens are more expensive, cloth surface is more delicate, and production process is cleaner than acupuncture. It is widely used in medical / health / beauty. The raw material of acupuncture is more extensive than that of water thorn, with more varieties, filter material * / felt material / geotextile, etc.

The difference between acupuncture and water stab: acupuncture is generally thick, with the weight of more than 80g, the fiber is thick, the feel is rough, and the surface has small pinholes. The weight of spunlace cloth is less than 80g, especially 120-250g, but few. The feeling of the spunlace cloth is delicate, and the surface has small longitudinal streaks of spunlace.

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