Paint filtration solution

The impurities in the paint are generally derived from resins and pigments. The resins and pigments are added to the high-speed mixing premix tank, followed by the grinding and pulverization of the sander. One disadvantage of the grinder is that it is not possible to grind all the particles into a powder. That is to say, there will always be foreign particles entering the next process. If you want to produce high-quality paint products, you must add a filtration process and add a set of filtration equipment. Some particles of the magazine are removed with a filter to ensure the quality of the finished paint.

So how to choose a filter is a guarantee of good filtering results. For paint filtration, a filter cartridge filter or a bag filter can be used. From a filtration point of view, the choice of bag filters and precision filters is a good choice. It can be said that the single bag filter can also be a multi-bag filter, or a double bag filter, a precision filter. These filters meet the requirements of paint filtration in terms of accuracy, flow rate and service life.

The paint filtration solution first removes the impurities of the resin and pigment with a bag filter, and then goes to the sand mill. After the sand mill pulverizes the large particles, a precision filtration can be added to the finished product. This will completely ensure the filtering effect.

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