Precision micropore filtration technology and application(3)

  1. For the microporous filter used for slag filtration, it has a relatively simple pneumatic or hydraulic quick opening structure, and the whole operation of slag removal is simple. It can be used for gas-liquid back blowing cleaning, with short time, complete regeneration and cleaning, so the auxiliary time is very short, which is much more convenient than any plate and frame filter or vane filter with filter cloth as the medium.


  1. The microporous medium is light in weight, strong in mechanical strength, good in reprocessing performance, not easy to be damaged, and convenient in installation, maintenance and repair. This is incomparable between sintered ceramics and sintered metals.


  1. Microporous filtration is generally cylindrical, and microporous medium is generally installed in tube or tube plate type. The filtrate flow channel in the machine is large, the flow resistance is small, and the washing efficiency is high, which can not be achieved by the commonly used plate and frame filter press.


  1. There are few mechanical parts and simple structure in microporous filter, and it is not easy to be damaged after long-term contact with chemical materials and sticky fine materials.


  1. Microporous filter is generally installed vertically with small floor area.


  1. Microporous filter is generally static and easy to install.


  1. Microporous filter is generally low-pressure filtration (0.1 ~ 0.2MPa), with low power consumption.


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