Process and characteristics of pure water equipment in the pharmaceutical industry

In recent years, there has been a new standard for water use in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only must it meet certain relevant standards, but also meet GMP certification. In order to meet the requirements of water quality, some users must treat the raw water to make the water reach the standard before using it.


Pure water equipment pretreatment system for the pharmaceutical industry

When using pure water equipment to prepare pure water, the water quality must meet certain standards, so that the medicine can reach the national standard. Raw water is generally used for tap water or well water. The water is subjected to four-stage pretreatment. The first stage is mainly to remove large impurities such as a large amount of mud and sand in the water. The second step is mainly to remove a color, residual chlorine, taste and organic matter in the water. The third step passes through the soft water to remove the hardness of the water. The fourth step is to re-purify the water to make the water reach the standard of reverse osmosis.


Pure water equipment process in the pharmaceutical industry

After the raw water is pretreated, the water quality reaches the influent standard of reverse osmosis. After the reverse osmosis treatment, the virus bacteria in the water are removed, the desalination rate can reach 99%, and the antibacterial device is used to kill the water. National pharmaceutical industry standards.


Characteristics of pure water equipment in the pharmaceutical industry

The pure water equipment in the pharmaceutical industry has the characteristics of simple operation, reliable operation, etc. It can be unattended, with high automation procedures, low energy consumption, and low power consumption. And the application range is very wide, and a set of water treatment solutions can be formulated according to the requirements for water quality.

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