Product structure of dust collector frame

The dust collector skeleton is for the special working conditions where all the parameters of the vertical kiln flue gas fluctuate greatly. Through optimized design, a cylindrical body structure with a new concept design is adopted. The design becomes more reasonable, which not only solves the inherent problems of LFEF series glass fiber bag dust collector. At the same time, it also solves the problem of ash accumulation on the upper plate and the disadvantages of uneven air intake in the various glass fiber dust collectors.

Product structure:

The basic structure of the dust collector body consists of five parts.

Air system: including central intake pipe and deflector;

Radon system: including exhaust pipe and lift switch valve;

Blowing system: including reverse blower, reverse blow tube, lift switch valve;

Carcass structure: including ash bucket, cylindrical body, flower plate, filter bag, hanging device;

The frame body of the precipitator is of all steel structure. It is recommended that the user use light rock wool board for heat preservation and galvanized protection on the outside to ensure the reliable operation of the precipitator under high temperature flue gas and avoid condensation caused by strong temperature difference in the inside.

An advanced automatic control system is designed to automatically monitor the on-site working status of each implementing agency, detect operational failures online and give an alarm to promptly repair. High sensitivity automatically detects the inlet temperature of the dust collector and quickly instructs the linear action of the valve to ensure that the over-calibrated temperature is reduced within 3-5 seconds, effectively ensuring that the filter bag works within the allowable range. In case of an emergency, ensure that the emergency exhaust valve is opened within 0.3-0.7 seconds, and the main air inlet valve is closed at the same time to avoid burning bags and reduce losses.

Utilizing the principle of “pneumatic shaking”, the filter bag in the ash cleaning process is swelled and shrunk into a pulsating impact, which greatly improves the ash cleaning efficiency and ensures the peeling of the high humidity adhesive dust. Designed high air-tightness switching valve and inspection door device to ensure that the air leakage rate of the body of the dust collector is less than 1% and increase the anti-condensation function, and the energy consumption of the system is reduced to the low level of similar products.

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